Watched Today:

Since I started this blogg and four others I haven’t had that much time to watch films. This will hopefully change soon. The piles and files are stacking up.

My other bloggs are in Swedish, except the last one, which is mostly a chronological link list of the history of film:    on film history    on the cinemas of Göteborg    on European travel    just what the address says

* Last resort

This first episode was surprisingly effective, like the first episode of The Event. The story is outrageous with a conspiracy level that is far out. It’s a bit confusing, but it looks like some rebels have taken over the US command enough to order an American nuclear submarine to send robots to Pakistan. The captain supspects something is wrong, refuses to fire the missiles and is attacked by an American ship, takes refuge at a tropical island with a small US military station. Add a local gangster and a few women here and there and you have the whole set up. I am kind of fond of conspiracy movies and big toys. Let’s hope they can keep it up. In the next episode a big part of the Navy is going to attack the submarine. It’s almost too good to be true, that this single sub is the only part of the military that doesn’t suspect any wrongdoings.  And Andre Braugher is the captain!

* MM: Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam: “Lighter than hare” USA 1960 Freleng
Sam as an alien from outer space makes for some almost fresh variations on old themes.


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