Watched Earlier:

* The Jury: 2.

* LT: Sylvester/Hippety Hopper: “Hoppy daze” USA 1961 McKimson

* CSI New York: “Where there’s smoke…”
A conclusion of the arson theme from previous episode. Mac’s “handicap”, suddenly not remembering ordinary words, promises to become silly. Any real problems and he wouldn’t keep the job.

* House: “Gut check”
Don’t like ice-hockey, don’t like any sport come think of it. It’s amazing how violence is a part of American society on every level, like hockey and football, which actually should be called something else, leaving the word free for the rest of the world to use for real football. Why don’t they call it soccer or rugby? On the subject of strange American sports traditions: How many countries are participating in the World Series?

Watched Today:

* The Jury: 3.

* Last resort: 2. Blue on Blue
They can’t go on sending missiles all over the world in every episode, they would soon run out of them, so this time they stuck to small scale jungle war fare.

Finished Reading Today:

* Göteborgarnas hus (1996)
The book is a review of all the buildings Higabgruppen accquired since its beginning in 1966. It’s practically everything that is part of what makes up the identity of the city. Great illustrations, but the texts from a number of people are of varied quality. I’m not going to point out anyone, it is easy noticeable when reading the book.
The authors are dealing with one or two themes each. Here is a partial list of what they are covering:
Kronhuset, Rådhuset, Stadshuset, Börsen (Ingrid Wirsin)
Fiskhallen (Feskekörka), Saluhallen, Partihallarna, Briggen, Göteborgs remfabrik (Lars O Carlsson)
Smålandsstugan, Stora Katrinelund, Lilla Änggården, Dicksonska palatset, Wernerska villan, Gathenhielmska huset. Reservatet, Corps de logiet, Ankarsmedjan, Kungsladugården, Sociala huset, Exercishuset (Gunnar W Blomgren)
Storan, Lorensbergs Teater, Stadsteatern (Uno Myggan Ericson)
Konserthuset (Sture Carlsson)
Rhösska, Naturhistoriska, Ostindiska huset (Stadsmuseet), Konstmuseet, Observatoriet (Louise Brodin)
Göta källare, Eggers, Sjömanshuset, Sjömagasinet, Villa Belparc, Renströmska badanstalten (Rune Oxelqvist)
Huvudbrandstationen, Stadsarkivet (Helge Samuelsson)
Allégården, HDK, KTB, Musikens hus (Göran E Larsson)
Kvibergs kaserner (Sven Platerud)


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