Watched Today:

* Borgen, episode 21 (the 1st of the 3d season)
An English daily paper wrote some time ago about Borgen how amazing it was that the film makers managed to make the audience care for if the plans for a new highway outside Copenhagen were going to get through or not. Even a so mundane political situation can be high drama in the right creative hands. The Danish series are very popular on British telly  and the English have to get used to reading subtitles and listen to the Danish language.
Boxing Day seem to be a special jumper day in Britain. On Sky News they were discussing this fashion when someone referred to Sarah Lund, no further explanation necessary.
The new season of Borgen looks promising, but the Danish way doesn’t always succed. The third season of Forbrydelsen is very much below the two first. When the series first arrived it seemed an impossible task to keep one murder case going for ten episodes, but by changing directions several times it managed to keep the interest. The third season just goes on and on without developing the basic story of a kidnapped girl, throwing in hide & seek situations now and then when Lund rather silly and unnecessary goes off on her own. And the political side story lacks interest and doesn’t add anything. I lost interest half way through and stopped watching around episode seven.

Watch the two first episodes of Borgen.

* Bletchley Circle – 3 episodes
A few year’s after the war four girls from Bletchley Park, where they were a part ot the secret work to crack the German’s codes, get together to use their logical skills to find a murderer. This is silly. When they are supposed to do sophisticated and complicated things they just go through the motions, checking time tables and drawing diagrams. And we are supposed to think they are clever. The idea is good, but it needs a script writer with a Bletchley Park mind to do a clever script. Remove all the talk about the secret’s act and what’s left is just an ordinary cosy crime story with a typical rescuing of a lady in peril at the end.
If you want something interesting from this area, read the book Enigma by Robert Harris or watch the equal exciting movie based on it.

* LT: Bugs Bunny: “Rabbit’s feat” USA 1960 Jones  with Wile E Coyote
This is the only time I have seen the Coyote outside the Road Runner shorts. Perhaps Jones was trying to rescue him from his continously depressing failures in his efforts to get a bird meal. He doesn’t succeed any better against the rabbit.
I am working my way towards completeness of the LT/MM shorts and have arrived to the 60’s. Most of them I have seen throughout my life in cinemas, television and DVD. And now I am filling in the gaps through You Tube. But, not everything is available, or the quality of some of the uploads are too bad. This is what I still haven’t seen from before the 60’s:

Buddy the Gob
Buddy of the apes
Why do I dream these dreams?
Flowers for madame
Buddy’s adventure
Buddy’s bug hunt
Buddy in Africa
A merry old soul
Uncle tom’s bungalow
Porky’s snooze reel
Saps in chaps
Hobby horse laffs
Tokyo Jokio
Bee deviled bruin
Each dawn I crow
Which is witch?
Home tweet home
Caveman Inki
Boston quakie
Mouse-taken identity
Now hare this
To itch his own
Here today, gone tamale
Tweet dreams (search on this title and you get Justin Bieber)