Watched Today:

* Person of interest
Lots of new TV series in my channels today. Normally I record programmes on one of my hard drives, and watch them at my leisure. On rare occassions there are too many things at the same time, so I have to resort to the primitiva alternative of watching something, not when I decide, but when it is actually broadcast. I hadn’t plan to watch this one, but read in a paper that it was the latest hit in the States. It turned out that they are already at the end of the second season, so why haven’t we heard about it before.
It’s a similar idea to an English series I can’t remember the title of, but it was about a group of people trying to prevent something from happening, with the clues coming from a number of images sent down from an satellite. Everything is controlled by a mysterious person, not telling the whole story. It looked promising and new at the start, but I stopped watching half way through the series. Not enough variations.

James Caviezel

Well, Person of interest has the same mysterious controller, but in place of the group there is a loner of the Clint Eastwood tradition, always a nice character, because you can take comfort in his resolute and powerful ways of dealing with situations. Feels nice. The “cases” come from a super computer designed to safeguard the USA after 7/11 by analyzing threat situations and persons. It has sort of taken on identity of its own. This has all the markings of becoming repetitious, but I will give it another try.

* MM: Elmer Fudd: “Dog gone people” USA 1960 McKimson